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Uzbekistan - Milestones of History

In 1997 the UN Project, namely "Tourism with cultural awareness purposes and crafts development in Uzbekistan " has been launched in the country. Also, jointly with the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity the investment bank "Uzsayokhatinvestbank" was established. Thus, the central unified system came on the scene on the coordination and monitoring the right use of means, gained from tourism.

As has already been mentioned, the main tourist destinations in Uzbekistan are Samarkand , Bukhara , Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Tashkent, and others. Some of these cities are now included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. In recent years a number of modern hotels have been erected in these cities. In particular, "Uzbektourism" runs 20 hotels, 8 tour bases, and some other tourist resorts.

The widespread type of tourism in the country is traveling by car. There is a well extended network of highways in Uzbekistan. Annually more than 100,000 tourists travel around the country. Other types of tourism such as mountaineering and family tourism are also popular.

Festive celebrations of remarkable dates in the country such as the Independence Day, national festival of spring "Navruz", international festivals, and jubilees of historical cities and other sites, as well as renowned statesmen, and scholars of the past add another impetus for extending the international tourism in Uzbekistan.

With the progress of air connections between Uzbekistan and foreign countries the development of tourism has entered a new phase. The number of tourists visiting Uzbekistan has significantly increased. Today Uzbekistan 's cooperation in the sphere of tourism is very active with Germany, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Korea, Greece, Pakistan and others. Annually more than 20,000 foreign tourists fly "Uzbekistan Airways".

Training highly qualified specialists in the field of tourism is an issue of a great importance. Nowadays, there are several high schools and colleges that offer tourism education. For example, the College of International Tourism has been established at the Tashkent University of Economics. Apart from that, the "Uzbektourism" company facilitates its staff to, take training courses abroad.

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